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Benefits of Implementing Lighting In a Greenhouse

  • Enhanced growth of your plants
  • Keeping your yearly crop growth on schedule
  • Reduced Cost of Electricity if You use automated lighting (LED)
  • By adding sun exposure throughout the winter seasons or even occasional unstable weather, crops continue to bring maximum performance.
  • Ability to adjust size and colors of plants
  • Keep plants healthy during cold periods


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Natural sun exposure is usually enough in most regions, but during the winter your greenhouse plants may need an artificial boost. Supplemental light sources come in a variety of options.(2)

1. The most common are LEDs(Light-emitting diode), these are the most energy efficient of the 3. They use up to 70% less than HID’s and stay active over 50K hours before the bulb declines. They also last 10 times longer then the others. On the downside they aren’t as intense as HIDs and are expensive.

2. HID lamps(high intensity discharge) cost the same as LEDs and as grow lights go, they produce more heat. They are known for their impressive light output and brightness. The importance of HID lights to greenhouse growers are the MH (Metal Halide) and HPS (High Pressure Sodium). The Metal Halide form provides a blue spectrum light that benefits plants during it’s growth cycle. High Pressure Sodium bulbs provides gold-yellow light favorable to flower growth.

3. Compact fluorescence lighting(CFL). Fluorescents lighting used to be to go-to grow bulb but have taking a backseat to other energy efficient lighting because they don’t last as long. They’ve improved their efficiency with the T5 and T8 lighting tubes as well as the CFL’s. They are a good source of light for seedlings, comparatively energy effective, and inexpensive.

Light meters and Why to Use Them

They can determine how bright the lighting is.

Also handy at identifying how hot the bulb is in relation to the vulnerable seedlings

Modifying Your Lighting

You can strengthen the quantity of light collected by the plants even though the bulb is giving out lower than you prefer, by utilizing a reflection element. You can purchase these or apply aluminum foil to focus the light.



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