Building Your Aquaponics Greenhouse

The Advantages of a Greenhouse

small greenhouse


First off, A greenhouse is an ideal environment for an Aquaponics system. It can give you total command over the aquaponic system grow environment. Greenhouses also give you control of day and night temperatures, regardless of seasonal conditions by adding lights, insulation, ventilation, and more.

An aquaponics greenhouse provides an optimal and consistent growing environment, protecting the plants in your aquaponics grow beds from harsh weather conditions, insect pests, and disease.

Greenhouses can be configured to increase and reduce sun exposure as needed. In contrast, an outdoor aquaponics system would require an excess of components and maintenance issues to control seasonal temperatures.

Lighting or window glazing can boost temperatures during cold winter months, while shade cloths, blinds, and other types of insulation can be implemented to stabilize temperatures during summer.

What about the frame structure? Aluminum with its lightness and strength, are the perfect material to use for framing the walls, roof, shelving, and benches. Wooden frames are an appealing option if coated with wood pre-treatment, but will be susceptible to rotting over time otherwise.

*FYI- *Regarding information about greenhouse orientation, assume we’re referring to a location in the Northern hemisphere. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, reverse the facing accordingly.


The Benefits of an Aquaponics Greenhouse System

 Aquaponics Greenhouse

We truly believe the marriage of an aquaponic system with a greenhouse is a perfect match for growing crops. As an alternate method for growing organic vegetables and other plant types, an aquaponic system produces healthier crops faster than conventional gardening.


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