Greenhouse Designs and Components

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Greenhouse Types and Their Differences Greenhouse designs come in all types, figures, dimensions, construct methods, and technologies. Never the less, there are a few unifying factors that link them together. 1. Lean-to type greenhouse designs Lean-to greenhouse designs (greenhouse attached to house),  connect the framework to or against another structure […] Read more »

Turning Your System into a Solar Greenhouse

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Solar Greenhouse   Don’t all greenhouses use solar sunlight? Yes and no. Many greenhouses use sunlight to grow plants, but add electricity, gas, and other power devices during cold winter months to keep the plants from dying. Growing crops in northern latitudes where winter months freeze, and sunlight is minimum, […] Read more »

Building Your Aquaponics Greenhouse

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The Advantages of a Greenhouse   First off, A greenhouse is an ideal environment for an Aquaponics system. It can give you total command over the aquaponic system grow environment. Greenhouses also give you control of day and night temperatures, regardless of seasonal conditions by adding lights, insulation, ventilation, and […] Read more »