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Thank you for visiting us at AquaponicsGrowBed.Com. My name is Jon Keys, AKA the Garden Sherpa because of my 30 years managing a landscape design, installation, and maintenance crew in California.

My company, Perennial Lawn & Garden located in the Bay Area, serviced hundreds of customers over the years. With my 10 years in association with the horticulture department at a local college, I was taught everything I needed in caring for plants including irrigation systems, landscape conservation using native plants, and much more.

In 2016 I retired the “Perennial” business in order to focus my years of experience towards other gardening ventures, primarily alternate ways to grow organic crops. This brings us to our current venture with Aquaponics, the most sustainable and natural way to grow organic vegetables with a wonderful side benefit, raising fish!

We launched this website over 2 years ago to provide the information you need to build you own step by step aquaponics system, or even maintain the one you already have. This is an ongoing project as we keep abreast of Aquaponics updates and improvements so we can share them with you. Why? Because it’s our passion!

So bookmark our website so you can keep informed as we continually add new article content. You can visit our Facebook Page Community for ongoing advice and  instruction.

Feel free to contact us for any questions related to Aquaponics Here


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